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Review of 'Kosmic Kanga'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Micromania (UK)
by Dominic Wood and JPW

Kosmic Kanga is a side scrolling game with a fun look, involving bouncing around while avoiding the usual bunch of nasties.
There's not much violence in here, thankfully, in fact if you discount the bombs and your eventual disastrous playing, this may be considered a peaceful game.
Well, not exactly. You see, KK can be a very nerve wrecking game, even after you had enough practice with jumping. I almost needed to take a course on how to land on the clouds!!
If only we could move while on the air, well, that would help a lot.
But hey, that's part of the challenge of the game...
On a whole it is an average game, but stil very cute and enjoyable.

3,5 points