Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Out Run Europa'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

The third in the Out Run series...and it's even worse that the first two combined! How do you screw up Out Run three times on the trot??

The first two lacked the real feel of a proper racing game especially compared to the likes of WEC Le Mans and even Chevy Chase, Out Run Europa lacks absolutely everything! There's no proper feel, no proper look and no proper enjoyment, the entire game from start to finish is a complete and total snorefest.

Had this been a normal game with an alternate title then it wouldn't be such a terrible thing but because it bears the Out Run name following up two disappointing arcade ports and turning out to be even worse makes this more upsetting than it is.

Out Run's legacy in gaming history is cememted with grace, its history on the Spectrum though is largely forgetable, especially with games like Out Run Europa.

Once, twice, three times a turd.