Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Cage Match'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Entertainment USA (UK)
by Paul Atkinson and John Brennan

As a beat-em-up, 'Intergalactic Cage Match' is dreadful. The movements are awkward and not accurate, with no diagonal movements available, and the blows all look the same and fell the same, with no apparent distinction in the way they affect the opponent, except for the "grab and drop" wrestling move (there's a name for it but I don't know squat about wrestling!). Oh and some of the homo-erotic positions are a laugh!

It's true it's unfair to judge this as the worst game in spectrum history or even in the top 5 of worst code machine games. But it's miles away from almost any beat 'em up around, so it really doesn't deserve much credit.

What holds the game together, in my opinion is the theme. Playing against intergalactic monsters, as the giant fly, for instance, is a great and fun idea. But overall, unless you like wasting time repeating the same moves over and over again, this is simply avoidable.

1,5 points