Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pssst'

Rating:5 User: WhenIWasCruel

I think there's something poetic in the concept of the game - the protection of a growing flower from the many insects that attack it.

It's particuarly beautiful and satisfying when it finally blossoms and a merry jingle is played.

Aside that, Pssst has the most intriguing and complex gameplay, among the first three early arcade-like Ultimate's releases: while in Jet Pac and Cookie you have to face just one kind of "enemy" at the same time, Pssst challenges you, as you progress through the levels, to beat'em while they're attacking the flower with a joint action - which you will be able to do changing quickly the type of insecticide you're using, that's putting down the one you're holding, and reaching out for the right one, dodging the entomological traffic.
So there's more action and more variety in this game, than in many other Ultimate's productions - and, above all, more playability.

And this is why Pssst is my favourite.