Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Thanatos'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Mike A. Richardson, Jane Richardson, Julian Breeze

The tongue winding out of its blazing jaws, the majestic wings flapping, the restless pointed tail, with its impressive size, perfect drawing and its detailed and convincing animation, the ferocious green dragon of Thanatos was arguably the best sprite ever appeared in a Spectrum game until then, and it was all yours, in all its wickedness, to play and destroy humans, monsters and helpless virgins. At the same time, this dragon's heart is fragile, and must be used with care - and this give the game a slower, more brooding rhythm - being often forced to rest. The eerie music is played by Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

14 February 2009 review:

The main attractions of this game are two:

first, you are a dragon, therefore you are the bad guy, and you can fly around grabbing humans, smashing them, throwing rocks at them or burning them to ashes - and, last but not least, you can eat helpless maidens to restore your ardent breath: now, this might sound as if i'm a potential serial killer with cannibal tendecies, but - in a game - being a powerful creature with a heavy breath and unleash your wicked side can be quite pleasant


second, the graphics are simply beautiful.
In particular, as a child, i used to observe the main, green sprite and be delighted noting the small movements of the body, the tongue winding through the jaws, the tail twisting like a snake and all that.

That said, the game is, in fact, more enjoyable for its look than for its gameplay - although it's highly atmospheric, with epic clashes between dragons at the end of the level, witches to collect along the way (they're hitchiking apparently), and giant creatures of all sorts.
But all is rather slow and monotonous, and you have to stop frequently to let the dragon rest - a necessity signaled by the tachycardia represented by, of course, a heart at the bottom of the screen, and emphasized by sound effects.

Hence, overall, a good game, but more on the aesthetic side than on the fun one.