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Review of 'Marauder'

Rating:4 User: dandyboy

Typical game for the time 1988 ...

Marauder is a competent shooter with some addictive touches like its smooth movility and several bonus and antibonus pluses .

The action is quite fast but never too fast , the enemies are varied and so is the weaponry so ... what else can one ask ?

I´m not a fan of this sort of video games like Terra Cresta or R-Type , but Marauder leaves a very high standard .

Sometimes the screen is just too narrow and too many things happen in very limited space , this added to the monochrome and transparent graphics can make the whole action confusing at times ... but this alone doesn´t spoil the game .

The sound is good , but the game is hardly original for the time ... so 3,5 out of 5 .