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Review of 'Arkanoid'

Rating:3 User: sirclive1

I always thought that Arkanoid felt dated , i remember the first time i played it and i was perplexed how such a simple game was doing the rounds almost ten years after breakout on the atari and a good five years after the free game on horizons - thru the wall.

It is of course far better than either of those titles , with far superior graphics , power ups , different levels and a daft storyline to boot !

The only problem was that it was squashed (no pun intended) by the vastly superior Batty which was given away around the same time as a free gift on the cover of Your Sinclair.

Overall - totally unoriginal , but a decent version of the classic breakout.

I think Ocean just got obsessed with converting any arcade machine they could to home computers.

And i also think crash got it spot on !