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Review of 'Theatre Europe'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

This is an unique study about a confrontation in Central Europe between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Key to the victory is West Germany - within a month, NATO must defend it while the Pact must occupy it. Therefore your strategy will vary according to which side you decide to command. The Pact also has access to some specialized units and has overall more forces at its disposal, but individually weaker than their NATO counterparts.

You also can choose from three different levels of complexity, which determine whether you can employ certain tactics as well as the use of chemical and nuclear weapons. In fact you should try to win the game without resorting to the use of weapons of mass destruction, because you could trigger a response that could potentially lead to a global nuclear war - a scenario where everybody loses.

Theatre Europe is played in turns, and each turn is split in four phases. It's possible to decide the outcome of battles by means of an arcade sub-game, but it's much more satisfactory to turn it off since it feels quite unrelated to the general pace of the game.

In the end, Theatre Europe is a complex strategy game which manages to convey a believable impression of realism with a relatively simple and player-friendly gameplay. The fact that you can also play against a human opponent enhances its longevity.