Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Star Control'

Rating:4 User: Emlyn_Hughes

Every now and then I come back to this game to save the galaxy. There is nothing outstanding in it but a mixture of nice touches to a fine game.

* Cool sci-fi atmosphere (great manual)
* One of the best loading schemes I've ever seen (nice if you play in a real spectrum )
* Four different ships per side adds replay value
* Supports 2 player hotseat
* Lets you choose to focus on battles, management or both.

* AI is not very smart even in hardest setting
* When you master the battles, you will hardly lose a fight even vs better ships

The Graphics are ok, the intro screen and battle intros are colorful and well-done. The ships are monocrome and make a bit of color-clash with the stars, but nothing serious. I wish it had bigger and more detailed ships, but maybe the spectrum doesn't allow more than what it's in the game.

The sound is functional. It lacks music but there is a lot of beeps and bops when you move the cursor in the strategic map or in the battle part when a ship fires, when laser or missile hits and so.

The one player game is nice to play if you try not to think how easy it's to win. If you have a minimum experience with shoot'em ups it will be no challenge to win every fight. And in the strategic plane I was never pushed or something like that.

Where this game shines is in two player mode. When your opponent fights you back, and it's battled for every world, you get the most enjoyment from the game. Alliance players may have the high ground, because in my opinion, their ships are a bit better. I must say, though, that hierarchy ships are much funnier to play with.

Graphics/animation: 3/5 Decent but not awesome
Sound: 2/5 At least it's not totally mute
Playability: 4/5 I dont think this game can hook you for a long time, but whenever you come back to it, it will be a pleasant experience.
Total: 4/5 It's easy but it's fun. And two player games are memorable.