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Review of 'Cred Breaks Out'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1986 TSB (UK)
by Joe Austin and J.E. Cosby

Its always nice to discover new (old) games. When I loaded this one up I felt somewhat encouraged to continue. The menus are all nice and smooth so I was imagining the same about the game. Well to be perfectly honest, its fast and smooth but only when you are about to finish a level. The rest of the time it can be painfully slow, specially at the begining. There are too many elements moving around and even if it gets gradualy faster its not too encouraging at the start of each level.
The game itself reveals a nice idea, explored before by others, but still interesting and addictive. The problem is, besides the slowness, the outdated look and the general bad graphics and maze layouts.
Two to three years earlier and this could have put a smile on my face, but looks old and ugly for 1986.