Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pacman, 3D'

Rating:4 User: Digital Prawn

Pretty enjoyable game, has some quite good sampled speech "Game Over" and "Great Score" at the end. That's particularly surprising as this title otherwise has the general feel of an early-era Spectrum game.

Plays like a cross between 3D-maze/labyrinth games and Pac-man. Quite a bit different from Pacmania though!

In this one, the player can only see their immediate surroundings and not the entire maze at any one time. Instead, there is a small "radar" display in the bottom left of the screen, showing the positions of Pac-man and the ghosts.

The radar doesn't show walls, dots or power-pills though, so part of the challenge of the game is hunting down the last few dots, by trying to remember where you haven't yet visited. It can take some considerable time to locate the last few dots.

Very sensibly, the first level does not have any ghosts, so at least you can start to learn the maze layout before progressing to the harder levels with increasing numbers of ghosts.

Overall, a surprisingly enjoyable title, with fast graphics. One minor criticism that the key responses seem a little erratic. Seems this one is a bit overlooked, but for me at least it was slightly better than I initially expected. For Pacman genre fans, it's worth a quick look.