Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Dragontorc'

Rating:5 User: zxspectrum128

I still remember vividly the christmas eve when I found this little gem in my stocking.
The beautiful package included a lengthy poem on a paper that looked like parchment. This set the scene nicely for our wizard to roam the scenery in medieval Britain.
And quite a bit of exploring and experimenting was required. There are good clues for the puzzles in this one, too. E.g. "A stamp is the key if axed spike will see". It took me a while to find out that these were two separate sentences - which suddenly made sense.
The game isn't easy to beat but it can be done without a cheat. And that's a nice feature.
Roaming the landscape finding stuff and being chased around by foes was quite an experience. Solving puzzles added to the fun considerably and life became a lot easier if you prepared the right spell for immediate use in the next location.
The only niggle in this game is the jerky scrolling of the locations on screen - even though you get used to this and henceforth hardly notice it anymore.
Bottom line:
An excellent arcade adventure with a strong fantasy epic feel to it. A worthy successor to Avalon.
Check it out today if you don't know it already!