Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pamela the Zombie Hunter'

Rating:2 User: Emlyn_Hughes

It's really a pity that some promising colourful graphics and the atmosphere that strongly reminds of the Buffy Vampire Slayer series go to waste due to a total lack of playability.

* Color graphics with no trace of color clash.
* Some digital effect sounds.
* Attractive atmosphere
* Very bad scroll
* Faulty projectiles

If you just see the screenshots you can be deceived that this game can be ok. It would be if it hadn't that awful scroll, where the only things that actually moves is the background. The character stands in the center and the enemies are unaffected by your right/left walking. You could think, well, at least I can smash them with my energy blast. Sadly, it has a tiny range or collision detection fails. The sure thing is that you will be double flanked and therefore dead in no time.

Graphics/animation: 4/5 Looks good
Sound: 3/5 48k music intro but nothing special. The digital sound add 1+ but I'm not sure if the effects worth the game halt.
Playability: 1/5 I'm still wondering if 0/5 would be too harsh or not.
TOTAL: 2/5 A great game until you try to play it