Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Thrust'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Firebird Software Ltd (UK)
by David Lowe and Simon Clarke

Talk about an incredible hard game... this is nearly impossible to complete.
In my opinion the Spectrum machine has some of the most difficult games ever made, and this is one of them, unlike the original Gravitar, which was a lot player friendly.
Well after struggling with the controls and lots of practice its possible to progress in the game. But I bet most players by this time had given up, after all this isn't a pretty game to look at.
In fact the colour use is extremely basic and of bad taste and the graphics look like they were taken from an 1982 Asteroids/Meteoroids game.
The scrolling is also very jerky, specialy side scrolling. And the speed when falling makes the ship control almost entirely random and at gravity's mercy. But if you take all this aside and the crash bug when too many keys are pressed, 'Thrust' can be lots of fun, enerving fun, but fun nonetheless. The level progression is similar to 'Hero' at least to some point, starting from a very simple level 1 to an almost impossible to beat level 15, offering addictivess to the game.

3,5 stars