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Review of 'Sir Fred'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Made in Spain (Spain)
by Carlos Martinez, Paco Menendez, Fernando Briega and Camilo Elizagarate

Sir Fred is one of the best games nuestros hermanos from Spain have offered us.
Graphically it is a delight with its coloured cartoonish looks reminiscent of Francisco Ibanez work.
The problem with it is its so frustratingly hard it disencourages even the most persevere player. I never got far in it. In fact I would congratulate myself each time I moved a screen, that's how hard it is. However I must admit it always made me curious in knowing what happens next, more than the majority of games. This addictive quality relies not only on the games looks and theme but also in its puzzles.

At first glance the game may look as an adventure/exploring game, a bit like Fred, the previous game, but it isn't, it's more a puzzle solving game with a few platforms to negotiate.
Technically speaking it is a bit double-edged, because if the innovating variety of movements is welcome, you can go from walking, climbing, swimming, etc, on the other hand some of this moves are hard to execute and make the game slow and frustrating, and should have been better tested by the authors.
And even if you master this movements, the arcade part of the game is lost, unlike the Wally Series, or even the simpler Zorro , which blend styles so well.