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Review of 'Aquarius'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

1983 Bug Byte Software (UK)
by Keith Owens

This was only 1983, so you couldnt ask for fancy high tech games.
And Aquarius got away discretely without much criticism from me. This is now 2012 and the game looks absolutely outdated.
The graphics are cute and I still enjoy them. They are well coloured and work quite well in giving the right athmosphere. I specially like the shark.
One of the problems is the programming. The game seems to have been written in Basic and them speeded up in machine code. The scrooling is awkward and bouncy and the blocky movement spoils things a lot.
The other big problem is that the game is incredibly short, I finish it in less than 5 minutes. The game has 3 parts, the second being placed inside a cavern ala Penetrator style and the third being an electrified wall with blocks of colour. You have to destroy this blocks following the mission code colour order.
Problems aside the game is very playable. The mission code at the beggining is a nice touch.