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Review of 'Rapid Fire'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Mastertronic (UK)
by Roger Womack and Ed Knight

It's really hard to like this title.
Every bit of it seems to be made to irritate you and make you pull the plug the fastest you can. Maybe that was the goal of the programmers: to make the most obnoxious game ever. They were very, very close...
The game moves very slowly, specially your character, and the controls also take time to respond. So 'RAPID Fire' is not the best chosen name.
When an enemy gets a hold of you it starts to suck your blood. Are they vampires, zombies? What are they? I cant tell, they sure don't look like any of that.
Also you can't move or fire while they are at you, and you have to wait until they finish and a life is lost.
They also tend to shake if you stop at any time.
Why is that?
There's lots of unanswered questions about this title but I'm not gonna stick around for the answers.