Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Renegade'

Rating:5 User: Raphie

My favourite Spectrum game. I spent much of my childhood on this game, I was totally addicted to it...even though I couldn't beat the final boss for the life of me. There was something about it that kept sucking me back in time and time again, perhaps it was the fun of throwing people of the platforms which I used to take great pleasure in doing.

The only thing I missed was the level musics which were missing in the Hit Squad re-release but having got the chance to play the game with music through emulation, the music is superb and suits the game well.

Overall I'll take this for the arcade version anyday. In my opinion this is the best arcade conversion for the Spectrum. I could join the opinion that Target: Renegade is better, but I never owned it so I'm sticking to the original.