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Review of 'Enduro Racer'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Activision (UK)
by Alan Laird and Ian Morrison

I remember playing this countless times. Its probably my all time favourite motoracing game or racing of any kind. I still find 'Full Throttle' to be the most accurate in simulating a real race or at least a coin-op game. And even 'Enduro Racer' cant beat 'F.T.' in smoothness, but it can sure beat it when it comes to challenge. Graphics and sound are great, backgrounds and lanes are very well crafted, the sound keeps you pumped despite its simplicity. The jumping mode is a superb touch that makes the game more addictive.
The game offers a variety of stages, 5 alltogether, and all with different difficulties.
All in all an incredible racing game.