Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Last Ninja 2'

Rating:5 User: dandyboy

Last Ninja 2 is , probably , one of the best videogames ever created for the Spectrum . This game is superb in every possible aspect .

It combines suspense , action , strategy , exploration , hability , etc. and it takes these ingredients to a supreme degree .

Last Ninja 2 is just perfect , and the most accomplished videoadventure in 48k without any doubt .

The graphics are incredible , just wandering around the city is quite an experience -you can get lost in this virtual environment - ... the variery of baddies is remarkable , as well as the precission of the wide range of movements .

This game was ages ahead of its time and it was never surpassed . at times you almost feel like you are watching a police film . the atmosphere is supreme ...

You can hardly believe a program of this magnitude , dimension and perfection can be put into some meagre 48ks . UNBELIEVABLE !!!

5 big stars without a shadow of a doubt for this masterpiece of the 80´s called Last Ninja 2 . a treasure to be rescued from the last days of the spectrum .