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Review of 'Corona Magica, La'

Rating:1 User: dandyboy

La Corona Mágica -"The Magical Crown" in English- used to be a Spanish cartoon back in the early 90´s ... although it was too weird to ever become popular .

The tv show was only followed by a minority and it was never successful . mainly because it wasn´t aimed neither at children nor at the adolescent audience .

It tried to capture the atmosphere and the world of medieval wizards , knights , dwarfs, goblins, enchanted damsels, etc ... but with a futuristic treatment -one of the main characters was a phosphorescent unicorn-. all of this too bizarre and strange to attract the general public .

The designs were languid and pale , out of prportion and with forced and unrealistic perspectives . just like a "el greco" painting . oppresive and depressing .

Still not everything is bad about this program , the graphics are cute and well designed . everything else is just awfully dated and messy . this game totally misses the point . :(