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Review of 'Los Angeles SWAT'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Entertainment USA (US)
by Chris Fayers

There is not much appeal about this game, except maybe the genre, if you appreciate it. It slightly resembles 'Who Dares Wins II', mainly because of the colours, graphics and theme. Once you start playing you realize it has nothing to do with it.

The graphics are awkwardly strange. The only character I can truly appreciate is the old lady on the side walk, the rest seem to have been severely beaten in a mixer and then put together. Sound is mediocre and serves its purpose barely.

Now about the game itself, its so slow it really gets unnerving, specially at the start of each game or when approaching the next level. The enemies movement is very predictable making the game dull after a few plays. Also you cant fire in diagonal up-right. Why does this happen I don't know, maybe programmers laziness?

There are lots of other problems with the game, but it's not all that bad and I even enjoyed it for a while. Yes, I admit it!

2,5 points