Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Devil's Castle'

Rating:5 User: travolter

One of the best rogelike games for spectrum!!!

The game is totally replayable and addictive and you cannt stop trying to save the princess and exit the dungeon.

Beware: The game have 2 big problems!
1)Keys layout and 2)drawing speed

anyway you can solve them!!!:

1) If you press break and edit the lines 500 and beyond you can remap keys.. cause the "t" key is a pain when using OPQA

I personally use a WASD and M and I remaped same keys for the combat... doing the things simpler and faster without need to move yout finger tips from these keys.

2) Speed up the game raising the speed emulation in your spectrum emulator

A fantastic game that I bet can survive for many many years.. Like the famous "Chaos - The battle of wizards"