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Review of 'Horace in the Mystic Woods'

Rating:4 User: dandyboy

I was badly predisposed for this game , I must say , but after playing it for a while ... well , my valoration changed into a positive one .

The game is cute , playable , charming and very responsive ... it basically displays Horace in a platform sequence . yep , like a manic miner clone , shall we say .

Apart from the lack of originality , the game itself is very well executed , the graphics are correct and the movement is a remarkable achievement since it´s very smooth . the inertia effect is quite accomplished .

the different levels are displayed in a very attractive fashion ... they glimmer with color and they remain quite mysterious , intriguing the player into newer challenges .

all in all , a dignified sequel to the legendary series of Horace . let´s hope there´ll be more "Horaces" in near future . that would be good news . :)