Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Light Corridor, The'

Rating:5 User: p13z

Light corridor is a game I discovered recently, from the later years of the Speccy. The presentation of the game is extremely impressive for a Spectrum, exploiting techniques rarely seen in early / earlier titles.
The gameplay is a bit like playing 3D breakout, with no bricks, while travelling down a corridor, or mobile single-player Shufflepuck. Having to resort to such bizarre descriptions is a reflection of the originality of this title.
To add to the game, there is a (turn based) two player option. Also, there is the option to create and save your own levels, which works very nicely.
The graphics and overall look are are brilliant, appearing to be very close to the limits of what is possible on a Speccy. The audio deserves a special mention, especially on the 128k version. There is a mix of 1bit music, in-game AY music, and digitised sound effects, all of very high quality.
There is much more to this game than I describe here, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself, it is far more entertaining than reading my opinion of it.