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Review of 'Jet Set Willy'

Rating:5 User: mattybennett


I passed a technical trainer for Pearson. A well-educated, intelligent and significant pillar of the community who was reduced to a bundle of MIDI notes as he demolished Grieg's amazing work as Fingal's Cave became a sequence of 'derrs'. I tried to explain to him the harm he was causing on the local environment in particular for non marine mammals aged 30 or over.

He seemed unconcerned. In retaliation I battled with the opening bars (in as crass a MIDI development as I could muster) I tried to recreate (badly) the Blue Danube.

We were matched evenly. The hatred between the personas was immeasurable. We were the Sharks and the Jets.

Der,der,der,der,der-der der...

Followed by the death-knell boot a-la Monty-Python.