Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Where Time Stood Still'

Rating:4 User: Zagrebo

'Where Time Stood Still' is one of those games punching way above the weight of the generation of machines it was programmed on, something that the 128K-only nature of the game makes clear. Rather ambitiously, this game throws the player into a large, varied open-world environment with an emphasis on exploring and staying alive; the latter being made more difficult by the fact that there are four members of the players party (with different personalities and skills) only one of whom is controlled at any time.

The emphasis on exploring and allowing the player to discover both the game world and its obstacles, the terrific atmosphere and the constantly-complaining party who need to be looked-after gives a rather cinematic feel to proceedings. This game feels like an adventure in the best sense of the word.

There are problems, though. There's the old-school difficulty level (characters can be killed very suddenly, notably by the infamous flying dinosaurs). There's also the graphics which vary wildly between pretty-good (the characters) and shoddy (the dreadful portraits; the poorly-drawn canyon and valley walls).

In spite of its faults, 'Where Time Stood Still' is a brave and overall successful attempt to push the boundaries of 8-bit software a little and, more importantly, use the abilities of the 128K Spectrum beyond just AY music.