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Review of 'Stunt Car Racer'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

There's only a very small number of 3D racing games I could ever give a 5 to on any 8-bit platform, and this is one of them.

I was brought up on the Atari ST version, and I had no clue that this game would even be possible on the speccy. It was only quite recently when I found out that an 8-bit version existed.

Well, I was amazed that by some miracle the playability of the 16-bit versions is completely intact along with all other aspects of the game, like the course layouts and competition structure.

Truly a remarkable programming achievement to pull this off. Of course I personally prefer the ST/Amiga versions nowadays, but if you only have a speccy set-up to hand, then this is highly recommended and really great fun!