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Review of 'One Man and His Droid'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Mastertronic Ltd (UK)
by Clive Brooker and James Wilson

Quite an original game but also very hard and a bit on the complicated side.
You control a sophisticated droid in a future world were shepperd dogs are replaced with droids. Your job is to round up alien sheeps called Ramboids original from the planet Anromadus.
When you start the game you have to lead your droid thru a horde of sheeps to the a start cavern. Once you got there the computer while shuffle the order in which you have to round up your sheeps. Each Ramboid has to be taken into a teleport that will send him into market.
There are four different modes in which the droid can be operated, each with a different approach.
Like I said the game is original but very hard and will for sure test your patient.