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Review of 'Pac-Man Emulator'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

Have to agree with p13z's review. It's an amazing thing to see essentially the original pacman arcade-cabinet ROMs running on the ZX Spectrum (+2A/+3) platform.

With user-switchable colour emulation available now too, the game as far as playability is concerned is 100% completely intact.

I have played the original game for many years in MAME, but for me there's a lot to be said for having the ability to play this under speccy emulation too. Perhaps it's simply because of my greater familiarity with speccy snapshot formats and use of POKEs etc... This gives me some more scope to mess around with the game, for the sheer fun of it.

Also this really is the final word on how good a pacman game can be on the speccy. Makes me wonder what other Z80-based arcade classics could also be given similar treatment?

Definitely worth checking out, but even if not for the technical admiration, then simply for the timeless, outstanding game-play.