Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Atic Atac'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

A true Spectrum classic. An arcade-adventure with the charming graphics typical of an Ultimate title. I love the philosophy of making things as colourful as possible despite the inevitable colour clash. It really works well here. Perhaps it is something to do with the flawless sprite-drawing routines that makes the colour clash seem enjoyably quaint rather than annoying!

Atic Atac features an atmospheric setting with a large area to explore, so for me it's the adventuring/exploration element that really makes this game. Sound really works well too. In fact I can only play this game properly when the sound is enabled, and not when listening to music or anything. I guess I've just become accustomed to picking up on the audio cues of the game.

The loading screen is great too. Can't really fault the game at all - it really captures the essence of imaginative, fun 8-bit gaming.

Also the "roast chicken" health indicator never fails to make me feel hungry when playing.