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Review of 'Witchfiend'

Rating:2 User: Morkin

An offering from the not-so-illustrious IJK software, this offering has you playing an apprentice wizard trying to collect ingredients to unlock a spell, to remove the curse, to free the king, to... Well, you get the general picture.

Once you've got over the slightly disturbing sight of the main character moving shiftily around whilst using his hands to cover his (ahem) modesty, you set off on your task of floating around the castle looking for the required ingredients.

The nasties you encounter comprise a floating snake(?), a pacman ghost, and a Manic Miner-esque stamping foot. For some reason all objects and ingredients all look like small flashing clocks (fnar).

Controls are a bit unresponsive. Graphics are OK but sparse, with the odd glitch with some of the moving sprites. There's little variation between screens and, as only one object appears at once, the whole exercise becomes quite tedious.

With a small element of skill and practice you can avoid most of the nasties as they follow the same movement patterns, but the rest of the game is rather unrewarding. The storyline and objects have a hint of Magic Knight to them, and you get the feeling that, with a bit of imagination and a lot more polish, this game could have greater potential.