Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pac-Man Emulator'

Rating:5 User: p13z

There are only a handful of arcade conversions, over the entire history of the Spectrum, which could come close to being described as 'arcade perfect'. 30 years on, Simon Owen delivers a perfect rendition of one of the greatest and most iconic coin-op games ever.
As the name suggests, this game works by interpreting the original Namco ROM from the arcade cab. So it is effectively using the Spectrum ( +2a / +3 only ) as an arcade cab emulator. You have the option of running in monochrome or colour, where there is slight, but ignorable, attribute clash. The audio is spot on, and the speed / feel of the game is indistinguishable from the arcade machine.
An epic technical and artistic achievement, which shares the superb playability of the Namco classic. This can only be awarded a 5.