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Review of 'Gin Rummy'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

Stupidly, I misplaced my previous review of this game before submitting it.

I'm now glad that happened though as it afforded an opportunity to revisit this splendid card game.

The implementation really is flawless, I can't see how Gin Rummy on the speccy could ever be done any better than it is here.

Featuring nice large cards with excellent graphics, (particularly on the face cards), this game shows you how it's meant to be done.

The user interface is responsive and supports user-defined keys. The game runs quickly, in fact much quicker than most other 8-bit card games. Even the shuffling of the deck is instantaneous.

These are the sorts of games that can still be enjoyed on an 8-bit system even today as they really don't demand any more CPU power. A modern-day Linux or Windows version might arguably have more features and true colour high-res graphics, but I don't see how these things are strictly necessary for card games. There's a lot to be said for having a nice simple 8-bit gaming session, and this game certainly proves the point.

Of course it helps that as a child, I always played rummy, strictly for recreation of course. Although that was the children's simpler 7-card variant. This game is the full 10 card version and if anything it's even more enjoyable.

Quite possibly one of the best implementations of a card game you're likely to see on the speccy.