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Review of 'W*H*B'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

Superb isometric puzzler from 2009. It's a well polished, professional-looking game, coded even to a higher standard than many titles of the speccy's commercial era.

W*H*B sports high-quality sounds and responsive movement, but the justification for giving it a five is simply the enjoyment and satisfaction of solving the increasingly difficult puzzles. Not to mention the fact that the game idea itself is highly original.

A clever idea is the introduction of levels where the player's elongated cuboid sprite can split into two independently-controllable cubes, which can then join back together again.

All I can say is I've really enjoyed playing it and out of all of the "post-commercial era" games it's certainly one of the very best. I'm also grateful that that such a good game is free to play!