Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Rampage'

Rating:4 User: Digital Prawn

I have great memories of playing this in 3-player mode on my friend's "+2". One of us would use keys (usually me as I preferred keyboard for this game). Another player would be on a Sinclair joystick plugged in to the side, and another on a Kempston interface, sticking out of the back.

It's the only game I know where you can punch helicopters out of the sky and pummel skyscrapers to the ground. Also, it's good to play as the "monsters" instead of the "good guys" for a change. Certainly very original and quite effective as a stress-buster too!

Great conversion with the enjoyment certainly retained from the arcade version. Although I'd say it doesn't quite merit a score of 5 because the controls can seem slightly laggy at times. Not surprising though, with so much action going on across the entire screen. Also, ultimately the game is quite shallow with not a huge long-term replay value, but I still rate it as "good" just for the sheer fun of the multiplayer mode.

The zany newspaper headlines which pop up between screens are quite memorable too.