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Review of 'Pippo'

Rating:4 User: Digital Prawn

Aaah, Pippo - a memorable game with a memorable name. One of the few games I played to death on real hardware back in the early '90s.

Take Q-Bert, remove the isometric graphics and flatten it down to a strictly 2-dimensional rectangular play area - and you more or less have Pippo.
(OK well it does retain some vestigial pseudo-3D "edges" to the play area - but that's about it!)

In any case, the concept doesn't sound great does it? But somehow, it really works well and Pippo is a remarkably addictive game. Possibly because it is flawlessly implemented. With vibrant, smooth graphics, jolly musical interludes and fluid game-play - it's just an immediately accessible game which anyone can pick up and play.

And then of course is the unholy "scream" sound effect, triggered when Pippo falls off the play area. It still haunts me to this day!

One of Mastertronic's better budget offerings, highly recommended.