Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Head over Heels'

Rating:5 User: Digital Prawn

By far my favourite isometric game on the speccy. Excellent "themed" areas with distinctive styles and intricate graphics. For me, oddly reminiscent of the zones of "The Crystal Maze" or some similar TV show.

Certainly the game can be difficult, but in a good way and by no means impossible.

The defining feature of this game has to be when you unite Head and Heels and they have to work together to jointly solve some simple puzzles.

It also spawned an excellent Windows-based remake which I also had the pleasure of completing, quite some time ago now. (Think it even appeared on a "Retro Gamer" cover CD back when they had them.)

I've played a few other isometric titles, but none of them could grab me quite in the same way that HoH did.

For me, one of my all-time favourite games on any platform. Quite unexpected too, as when I fired it up for the first time, I had no idea what the game was about or the huge scale of the in-game universe awaiting my explorations. It's just one of those games that sucks you in until you see it through to the very end.