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Review of 'Nemesis'

Rating:2 User: jdanddiet

Nemesis was my favourite arcade shooter of the late 80's. I thought the game had everything, speed, colour, great sound, power ups...I dread to think of how many 10p's Nemesis and its sequel, Salamander extracted from me.

Imagine (ie Ocean) had done a fair job on a few Konami conversions when Konami decided to have a go on their own. They started with the terrible Jailbreak and sadly Nemesis was only marginally better.

I was too impatient though, and couldn't wait for the Crash review. I rushed out and bought Nemesis and have cursed it to this day. The main problem with the Speccy conversion is the terrible controls - it's just so sluggish compared to the arcade version. The sound is pap and power ups are missing. It could have been a great shooter with that extra bit of effort which is what makes it even more disappointing.