Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'D.N.A. Warrior'

Rating:2 User: Raphie

Ever seen something you really liked the look of and then be left with a bad taste in your mouth when you try it? D.N.A. Warrior does that for me.

As a shmup fan I always look forward to coming across one on the World of Spectrum archive and then reading the poor reviews it got from the likes of Crash and Your Sinclair because of "boring, unoriginal gameplay". How many isometric games were there? How many soccer games were there? How many text adventures were there? So when "another shmup" comes up it INSTANTLY gets a 2/5 rating for being "the same" and usually I play them and I end up disagreeing with the "reviews".....however D.N.A. Warrior is a different kettle in the fish.

Early doors it's presented nicely, pretty nice intro sequence showing off the bonus pickups and all accompanied with excellent music from Nigel Pritchard, it makes you look forward to playing this game and it tickled my tastebuds and left me licking my lips in sheer anticipation...so I pressed start...sigh it was downhill from there.

Everything moves so slowly and it's difficult to shoot anything that comes towards you, when I went to move back it turn my ship around, not really a gripe as it's part of the game, but when there's a swarm of enemies coming towards me it's not ideal! It's really hard to get to grips with this game, the controls are so dodgy and the gameplay is slow and uninspiring, there's just a lot more better shmups on the ZX Spectrum than this.

So is it "the same"? No, because if it was it would be enjoyable, mildly pleasant and tolerable, this is far from it, frankly it's a nuisance. It's a great shame, it could have been so much better than it is. I really really really really REALLY want to like this...but I haven't got a reason too, and so that's it for D.N.A. Warrior, locked away into the cupboard on the highest possible shelf never to be touched again. Sob.