Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Airwolf'

Rating:2 User: Matt_B

This is one of those most infuriating of games. It entices you in with some attractive graphics, that still look quite good given the limitations of what the Spectrum can do, but is so utterly finicky to play that you can almost guarantee that you'll end up cursing it in frustration when you've finally had enough and given up.

Of course, there's a good reason why the game is so difficult and that's because it's only got 12 screens, a couple of which are pretty much empty with just a bit of scenery you can crash into. With a more reasonable level of difficulty you'd probably be able to master it in the space of a few minutes.

Getting past the second screen, with its regenerating forcefield is difficult enough, but that's only a foretaste of what's yet to come as you'll need pixel perfect positioning and split second timing to get past some of the later screens.

It's a game that I played to a finish more out of duty than because I enjoyed it, and there as always the hope that with a bit of practice it would suddenly become a bit more fun to play. Sadly it doesn't.