Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Catch 23'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

An exploration adventure game featuring an interesting mix of wire-frame and sprite graphics where you, as a member of an elite military force, must penetrate a heavily defended island in order to steal the plans of a revolutionary aircraft codenamed "Catch 23".

The action is viewed in first person and the whole game is more an adventure than a shooter, although you must also have quick reflexes to shoot the guards who appear from time to time and avoid the patrolling tanks. The island itself is pretty large and it will take you not a little deal of time to unveil its secrets. You must in particular hack some computer terminals in order to get passwords and other clues which will be needed to succeed in your task.

Catch 23 is a game which requires patience and thought, so I would not recommend it to anyone. It is however an original title which offers a different challenge from the majority of Spectrum games.

The game was originally released with a bug - one of the passwords had been mistyped. There's enough documentation available now on the Web (mainly in the Tipshop) to let you overcome this problem.