Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

Martech decided to compete with Ocean and Daley Thompson's Decathlon with Brian Jacks' Superstar Challenge...and wow they failed miserably.

It's slow, boring, tedious and nowhere near as enjoyable as Decathlon. The Archery event is absolutely pathetic and shambolic and a far cry away from Hyper Sports. The running and cycling events are painfully slow in which you never even get close to the cycling record as you move ever so slowly even with "gears". And I just gave up after the football event.

I'm just in total awe over how shockingly appalling this is, then again Brian Jacks didn't have much luck really as he also lent his name toward Uchi Mata, currently among the top 100 worst games on World of Spectrum...poor chap.