Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Cage Match'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

Also known as Intergalactic Cage Match, as well as one of the worst games to ever exist...which do you prefer to call it?

This is easily one of the absolute worst games I've ever come across on the ZX Spectrum! Every single feature in this game is bad with the worst being the appalling gameplay it possess. The worst thing of all was after so many attempts of trying to win and failing and being put back to the title screen as a result I finally won a match, and when I did.....did I get another opponent? No, I'm back at the title screen again!

Absolute rubbish! At the time of this "review" this currently sits in the top 5 worst games on World of Spectrum, and it well and truly earns it's place on that list.