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Review of 'Match Point'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Sinclair Research (UK)
by Steve Kelly

Another Speccy classic.
At the time of it's released it generated much buzz. Everything seemed perfect in the game. I personally absolutely loved it.
There are many tennis games but none reached the standard of play of Match Point. And it remains the best tennis game on the Speccy, at least I think so.

The players in Match Point moves a bit too slow which is actually a good thing specially comparing with games like Pro Tennis Tour, that 'tries to get realistic and then fails when it comes to playability making the game extremely difficult near impossible to play.

The matchstick graphics are very simple but do the trick quite well. All in all, everything in the game works great, and still to this day it's a fun game to play. I can only consider it a classic.
Despite everything I said I will rate it a 5 (in fact a 4,5 but that ain't possible) just for the graphics, which I love but admittedly are inferior to a lot of games later produced.
So in all (un)fairness here goes a 4,5.