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Review of 'Knight Rider'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Ocean Software (UK)
by Antony Lill, Gary Knight and F. D. Thorpe (loading screen)

Like Street Hawk this game was delayed for a long period, something to do with the tie-in licence and the bad quality of the first game version. So a new game was written, and even if the game was only average, at least they had the decency of remaking a new, better game.

That didn't happen with Knight Rider, they release this worst than poor game, knowing fans would fall for the name or the cover. So if you loved the TV show dont go ruining your memories playing this game. There is really nothing good you can say about this. The game's lack of playability quickly gets tedious, the characters are poorly defined and it's too easy to give you any drive.