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Review of 'Android One'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1983 Vortex Software (UK)
by Costa Panayi

Costa Panayi showed his potential with Android One, a Berserk clone.
It's not a brilliant game but plays better than some versions available, even later ones.
It has a stronger story line when compared to Frenzy, for instance.
The game is very hard, I never got far in it, mostly because of the weird set of keys, and the unnecessary rotating feature.
Story wise the mutants to be destroyed seem inspired from the 2000 AD comics, they are distributed in classes. You have the Groupies (gathering in groups), the Skaters (slick and hard to hit), the Wanderers (random moves) or the Bouncers (who will jump on you).
The main purpose of the game is the reactor at the end of the array of walls that you will face, it has to be destroyed, then you will have to make your way back again to the start, always fighting your way thru the mutants.

The sequel, released that some year is a better game, much improved, with a 3D maze and by that time glimpses of future offers from Panayi were already visible in this first games.
If you are comfortable with the controls, this can be a fun game to enjoy.