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Review of 'Ned's Garden'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1985 16/48 Tape Magazine (UK)
by Peter Watson

This game was written by the same author of 'Piggy' and in my opinion is much better than the first.
The game was published by Tape Magazine in 1985, and although even at that time it was outdated, it worked fine for the style of game it is suppose to be.
I specially like the swallows flying in the herb garden room. The game is quite harder than it looks and it takes a lot of patience and fast reactions to surpass some nasties, but its completely finishable.
If you started playing games in '82 and you are used to simple games, you may enjoy this one, even if only for nostalgic curiosity.
The tune between kills is a real spoiler.
Poke to silence annoying tune: 33292,0