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Review of 'Days of Thunder'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

Can't sleep at night? Then play this game because it'll help you sleep before you know it!

It's based on the Tom Cruise movie and some will say it's as rubbish as the movie though I've never actually seen the movie myself so I can't say that for sure, what I will say is....this is rubbish.

It's just really dull and uneventful, it gets old very quickly, like within a minute of playing this you'll feel very bored of this game. And the best bit? They ask you to do 12 laps around the track...12 FLIPPIN LAPS??!?? SERIOUSLY???!!???

Days of Thunder is a game that pretty much provides no excitement and no enjoyment whatsoever, and it appears it was rubbish on every system it came out on. I wouldn't play this unless you are struggling to sleep as this could be a rather nice cure.