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Review of 'Ultima Ratio'

Rating:2 User: Raphie

In the 33rd year of entrenched galactic warfare, a new forbidding threat looms out of the blackness of deep space. ULTIMA RATIO, a nine stage battle platform was the most powerful weapon yet created with multiple Pulse Guns, deadly defence fighters and extensive battle shields. With mother Earth itself under threat, volunteers are called to make desperate attacks against the ULTIMA RATIO. You have just volunteered!.....Turned out to be the worst decision you ever made because this is dreadful!

A battle platform must be totally neutralised before attacking the next one. Mission time over each of the battle platforms is limited. Treat all other flying objects as hostile. Shields and fuel may be replenished at certain areas on the platforms. Finally, beware of direction reversing devices......did you get all that? No me neither.

Yeah simply put this isn't very good really, far too confusing of a game for me, so many times you think you've destroyed everything and it still won't let you finish the level because there's always one bit you didn't touch but it takes 10 minutes to find what it is. Also your ship gets stuck from time to time when you hit something that kills you, meaning you die, die, and die again in quick sucession, can you say unfair?

So Ultima Ratio is, well Ultima Rubbish is the best way to describe this I think.